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Welcome to the Early Childhood Program at Futbol Fever!


We're excited to introduce your little one to the world of Futbol in a playful and nurturing environment. Our program is designed for children from 12 months to 2 years old to enhance:

  • Motor Skills

  • Encourage Sensory Exploration

  • Create memorable moments of Parent-Child bonding

Through creative play and gentle exercises, we create a nurturing environment that encourages toddlers to discover the joy of movement and interaction.


Your child's Futbol journey starts here!

Early Childhood Program | Futbol Fever

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Choose from a Pay-Per-Session or Monthly Subscription that is sure to offer a memorable experience for you and your child!


1. Parental Participation: Parents or caregivers are required to actively participate in the program alongside their child, fostering bonding and providing support.

2. Appropriate Attire: All participants should wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes suitable for gentle movement and play.

3. Hydration and Snacks: Bring water bottles for both toddlers and parents to stay hydrated during the session. Nutritious snacks are encouraged.

4. Gentle Play: The activities are designed for gentle play and interaction. We encourage soft movements and interactions to ensure the safety of all participants.

5. Diaper Cleanliness: Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child's diaper is clean and securely fastened at all times during the program. We offer a diaper changing station to help maintain cleanliness.

6. Respect for Others: Parents should model and teach respectful behavior toward other children and parents in the class.

7. Participation Level: Respect each child's participation level and comfort zone. It's okay if some toddlers are more reserved or hesitant.

8. Parental Guidance: Parents are encouraged to guide their child's interaction with the soccer equipment and ensure that gentle play is maintained.

9. Cleanliness: Help maintain the cleanliness of the play area by ensuring that any toys or equipment used are put away after the session.

10. Safety: Ensure that toddlers are supervised at all times. Be mindful of the play area and any potential tripping hazards.

11. Listening to Facilitators: Follow the guidance of the Early Childhood Soccer Program facilitators, who are experienced in creating a fun and safe environment.

12. Positive Environment: Foster a positive atmosphere by celebrating all attempts and achievements, no matter how small.

13. Allergies and Health: Communicate any allergies or health concerns of your child to the program facilitators.

14. Sick Days: If you or your child are feeling under the weather, contact us to reschedule your session - there will be no penalty to changing the session date until you and/or your child feel better. We would like to maintain a safe environment for all guests and staff of our program.

15. Late Arrivals: Arrive on time to ensure a smooth start and minimal disruption to the class. If you arrive more than 30 minutes after start time, you can reschedule your session.

16. Cancellations/No-Shows: Any cancelations must be notified to Futbol Fever ahead of scheduled session. Once your monthly subscription has been paid for, you will need to finish the required sessions before canceling. Once canceled, you will not be charged for any future sessions on the following month and beyond until your subscription is renewed. No-Shows will be rescheduled at the date/time that the parent notifies staff through clear communication via phone or email at

Futbol Fever reserves the right to ask any guests to leave the facility if any of the above rules are not followed after staff warnings. We would like to maintain a safe and positive environment.

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