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(Ages 5-12)

Welcome to the ultimate Summer Sports Camp for children aged between 5-12 years old (born between 2012-2019) at Futbol Fever in Kendall!


Elevate your child's break with a dynamic blend of different sports and exciting team-building activities at our indoor facility.


Join us for an unforgettable break, where sports, creativity, and fun collide at Futbol Fever – your child's go-to destination for an extraordinary Summer Break experience!


9 Weeks of Summer Camp Available

Monday June 10th, 2024-Friday August 9th, 2024 (Choose 1 or more day(s)/week(s)



8:30AM-3PM (After Care till 4 or 5 PM available at additional cost on select weeks)



$220/Camper Per Week or $50 Daily Rate

Camp T-Shirt Must Be Purchased | Limited 30 Spots Per Week


Purchase 1 Week at a time, Purchase all 9 Weeks for a discount, or Purchase Daily Options 

Perhaps the most magical aspect of the camp is its ability to inspire a lifelong love of physical activity. Whether a child discovers a new favorite sport or rekindles an old passion, the camp lights a spark that encourages a healthy, active lifestyle.
In summary, the Futbol Fever Miami camp is an extraordinary place where children not only enhance their physical abilities but also nurture their personal growth and forge lasting memories.


  • Diverse Recreational Sports Experience: Basketball, Baseball Volleyball, Soccer, Frisbee, Flag Football, Bowling, Olympics Themed Games, and more

  • Inclusive and Engaging for All Skill Levels

  • Campers will be split between 2-3 groups depending on age and activity 

  • Arts & Crafts, Game Room, and more 

  • NEW: 5-day Fast Feet Program | 15-min each day every week of camp our campers will do basic speed and agility drills (no balls), improving their footwork, foot speed and balance no matter what sport they play

  • Indoor air-conditioned facility with no public access during camp hours

  • Screened Staff that ensures safety and supervision of campers

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Q: How do I enroll my child in the Summer Sports Camp at Futbol Fever?

A: Enrolling your child is easy! Visit our website's registration page and follow the simple steps to secure a spot for your child. You can also reach out to our friendly staff for assistance.


Q: What age group is the camp designed for?

A: The Summer Sports Camp at Futbol Fever is tailored for children aged 5 to 12, ensuring age-appropriate activities and engagement.

Q: How will they be grouped and what is the Counselor:Camper Ratio?

A: Campers will be split between 2-3 groups depending on the activity. For some activities all campers participate together. There is 1 counselor for every 10-15 campers throughout the camp. 

Q: What sports will my child participate in during the camp?

A: Our camp offers a diverse recreational sports experience, including soccer, basketball, flag football, frisbee, kickball and more. Each day brings a mix of these sports to keep the camp dynamic and exciting.


Q: Are the activities suitable for beginners?

A: Absolutely! Our camp caters to all skill levels. Whether your child is new to sports or has prior experience, our activities are designed to be inclusive and recreational only. 

Q: Is this a soccer skills training camp? 

A: No, this is not a soccer skills training camp. This is a generic recreational sports camp.


Q: What safety measures are in place during the camp?

A: Safety is our top priority. We have qualified staff overseeing all activities, conduct regular equipment checks, and maintain a secure environment. We follow all recommended health and safety guidelines. Additionally, all Counselors in the Futbol Fever Camp programs are screened, have successfully passed background clearance, and have taken the United States SAFESPORT training course that help train our staff to provide a safe and positive sport environment.


Q: Can I drop off and pick up my child later than the specified times?

A: We understand scheduling challenges. However, it's important to adhere to the specified drop-off and pick-up times to ensure a smooth and organized camp experience for all participants. Campers must be picked up no later than 3PM unless registered for Extended Care hours till 4 or 5PM (At an Additional Cost). 


Q: Is lunch provided, or should my child bring their own?

A: Parents are required to provide lunch for their children. We recommend packing a nutritious meal, snacks, and a water bottle to keep your child energized throughout the day.


Q: What should my child wear and bring to the camp?

A: All campers must wear a Futbol Fever Camp T-Shirt (Purchased during registration or picked up at our facility). Comfortable athletic wear, closed-toe sports shoes are recommended. Please ensure your child has a labeled water bottle, and any necessary personal items.

Q: Is this camp hosted by Twelfth Academy? 

A: No, this camp is hosted and managed by the Futbol Fever team. 




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