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  • Group rentals must have a main contact.

  • Group leaders will be held responsible for their groups to arrive on time, as well as their behavior during rental. 

  • All players in the groups will be required to fill out a waiver once a year. Ask our staff about where to find the waiver link for your group. If you have new players join your group, they are also required to fill out our waiver.

  • If your group is missing players at time of rental, our staff can play if available. Full rental fee will be split with members of the group that arrived.


  • Weekly group reservations will be assumed to be confirmed every week unless group leader contacts us to cancel.

  • You must notify to cancel 12 hours or more before rental start time at no charge for canceling.

  • If cancellations become more than 1 time a month, then group will be warned and your Credit Card will be required to rent the same slot the following week. If cancellations continue, then group will be notified that their slot will be given up to another group.

  • If your group notifies us to cancel less than 12 hours before game, 50% will be charged to CC on file to be able to keep your weekly spot.

  • No shows without call will be charged 100% of rental to keep their weekly spot. More than 1 no show will result of losing your weekly time slot.

Contact us directly for more information via email or phone (786) 828-7103.

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